Nan Fusco

Fordite Ring

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A Slice of Americana?

At first glance, this brilliantly colorful gemstone might look like agate, but its origin, however, might surprise you ? this stone, called Fordite, consists of paint deposits from Corvette painting racks back in the 70s. Before the whole process was automated, automotive bodies were painted by hand on production lines. The vehicles? paint would drip off and dry on the rails used to move the automotive bodies. This enamel paint would then get baked onto the rack and solidify. After this process is repeated hundreds or thousands of times, the deposits grow to be several inches thick. When the were sliced, ground down and polished, they reveal a dazzling, luminescent array of colors. Set in 18k yellow gold and diamonds, this one of a kind ring really tells a story.? 0.36ct