Andy Lif

Artist Andy “Lif” Lifschutz’ continuously evolving collection of fine jewelry is a culmination of his life experiences. For Andy, inspiration is boundless. It can come in the form of a smile he shares with his son, the subtle warmth of the Oregon sunshine on his skin, the hum of history throughout the streets and alleys of Italy, memories of his grandmother’s hands in the process of creativity, the gritty energy surrounding his Brooklyn studio, the vibration emanated by a collective chanting at his California Buddhist center, or in the simple act of spending time with his wife and family in their Los Angeles home. 

The Andy Lif Jewelry collection is crafted in 18k gold and often incorporates plique-à-jour in combination with diamonds or exquisitely colored gemstones. His jewelry is sculptural and refined, elegant in its subtlety, bold in its creativity. His jewelry is made to be worn. From the perfect huggie earring a woman never needs to take off, to dramatic hoops that are comfortable enough to wear all day, to show-stopping cocktail rings, his work establishes a solid foundation for any jewelry wardrobe and works seamlessly with a woman’s existing jewelry collection.