The Argentine Artist

The Argentine Artist

"You must be willing to leave the life you planned in order to find the one waiting for you."

Joseph Campbell

Jorge Adeler is one of those rare artisans that perfectly combines raw beauty with high end polish. He seeks out and highlights the natural elements of a gemstone with a creative and intelligent design concept, resulting in perfect luxurious harmony.

If you are not familiar, Jorge was born and raised in Argentina and moved to the United States in the 70’s with his wife and two daughters to peruse the dream of dreams. Adeler Jeweler's was established in 1975 and the legacy that we now get to enjoy today was started. The showroom and workshop is located in a beautiful building in Virginia and the entire family has created a foundation there for themselves. Jorge's daughters are by his side working for the company, representing the brand and their dad with the highest level of pride and integrity.

Jorge’s pieces are all incredibly special and unique, as each are one of a kind and posses a gorgeous and particular quality of there own. His designs are creative, stunning and often times substantial. His showcase here in our boutique is one of my favorites and houses a very different but very cohesive representation of his work. To me, these designs are meant for a true lover of gemstones and art. And I am both.

We all have one life, you know? Well, unless we are reincarnated. But in life, it’s important to live, to enjoy, to not waste time, to be happy. So I say, take the chance, go on the trip, quit the awful job, max out the card and buy that gorgeous piece of Jorge Adeler jewelry that’s going to bring joy to your day! Cause why not?

Perhaps his collections are best described as extraordinary.

Take a peek at some of the personal favorites of mine. Truly, I want everything!

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