Luxury. Happiness. Rarity

Have you ever walked into a beautifully designed room and instantly felt something? An energy, a sensation or an emotion? How about lighting a gorgeous candle and getting that first scent as it fills the room? It makes you feel something, beyond the aroma, it triggers a memory or a place or even an idea.

When something in life can ignite that type of feeling within you, just by the sight smell or touch of it, you know it’s got to be special. I am of course explaining the instant my colleague Robert and I unwrapped the trunk show pieces for Buddha Mama. A feeling came over both of us, the dopamine hit was in full throttle. The vibe was immediately felt to this rare and magnificent collection. Luxury. Happiness. Rarity. As we looked up at one another from the piles of carefully bubble wrapped and unwrapped gems, we were both already draped in pieces. That’s the happiness part!

How exciting is this?! It’s our first virtual trunk show and it’s celebrating and in collaboration with our very own Buddha Mama family. The ladies have created several new styles for this seasons assortment and they did not disappoint. Not to worry die hards, there are multiple baubles big and small that you can add to your collections. If you want to be pretty in pink, I suggest you jump on adding the pink hamsa enhancer into your mix. She comes in three great sizes, sparkles with diamonds, is slick with that signature enamel and she has been selling fast!

But the absolute best starter point for incorporating one of these badass baubles into your life, is without a doubt that happy smiling Buddha pendant. He comes in three sizes and he is an enhancer so you can add him to any chain or bracelet. You won’t refer it. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed or not having a great day, just take a look at him because he is going to bring an immediate smile to your face. Best part of him? He’s got a diamond belly button!

So go to our website guys and gals and click on Buddha Mama, they’ll be pics and videos and we are going live on instagram Wednesday Oct 7th with the insanely fabulous Beth Anne, who represents the brand. Reach out to us for anything, call , text, DM, our team is available!



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