Green With Envy

Available Now In Store

Call us for details on these one-of-a-kind pieces from Ryan Ryan. Earrings are $125, Necklace is $660 and Pendant is $875. Call 760.862.1809.

Go Gold and Bold with Tay Jewellery

These fabulous gold plated pieces are easy to wear and go with every outfit.

Pendant: $350

Chain: $210

Earrings: $130

Ring: $290

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These spectacular sterling silver gray diamond pieces are perfect for summer. The pendant has multiple moonstones totaling 25 carats surrounded with 3.4 carats of gray diamonds. It is hanging on a coco colored leather cord with a diamond charm clasp. The linear gray diamond earrings (1.5 carats) are light as a feather and so fabulous!

Prices: Moonstone Pendant $1,025, Leather Cord Charm Holder $490, Diamond Earrings $580. Call for details 760.862.1809.